The Board of Directors

       of Joseph Loeffler Post #1006, Brentwood, New York 11717-4677

Drill Team
The Post

Board of Directors
Chairman Dom Palermo ('17)
Board member JEd Poirier ('18)
Board member John Fleming ('16)
Board member Tom Hayes ('16)
Board member PPC Gerry Mignon ('18)
Board member OPEN ('17)
Board member PPC Ernie Sawtelle ('18)
Missc. Staff
ABC Officer PPC Gerald G Mignon
Hall Rentals PPC Ernie Sawtelle
Newsletter Editor Joe Belanger
Post Webmaster PPC Gerald G Mignon


    Post Home photos.
    Social Area.
    Post Hall.

View Larger Map For G.P.S. systems:Lat:40 46'39.39"N and Long:73 15' 10.51" W

Hall rentals: Call Ernie.

House Rules
1. No gambling.
2. No profane language, male or female.
3. No children in the bar after 8:00 PM., at the bartender's discretion.
4. Do not deface the property, inside or out.
5. Legion business should not be discussed at the bar.
6. The bartender on duty shall have the authority to refuse service to any person that they consider out of order
    or intoxicated.
7. Members not abiding by these rules are subject to loss of privileges or charges.
8. Any suggestions to improve our post social area would be greatly appreciated at any B.O.D. meeting.
9. Members and guests must sign the book. Members are responsible for their guests' actions.

Post property is ADA compliant.

American Legion Post #1006
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October 8, 2010
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