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Joseph Loeffler Post #1006

198 First Street

Brentwood, NY 11717-4677


Still serving in the community of Brentwood for over 92 years.




......Happy 92nd Birhday to us......... Post Service at the dance this month (11/9)........Dress to Impress...........



LEGION NEWS-Bob Kampel,  Post Commander

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AUXILIARY NEWS-Trish Jordan, Madam President



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RIDERS NEWS-Bob Kampel, President




DRILL TEAM NEWS-PPC Joe Sawtelle, Captain.





     Post Chaplain John Danz: 
     Auxiliary Chaplain PMP Brenda Sawtelle:
     Squadron Chaplain PNSC Chris Cerullo:

Members Birthdays in November
 If your name is not here, it is beause you never emailed it to me!
 1st-Geraldine Burns
 2nd-PPC Ernie Sawtelle
 3rd-PSC Cisco Rivera
 5th-Robert J. Tompkins
 6th-PSC Ron Conroy
 7th-Joe Martinez
 9th-George Buenventura
 9th-Trudy Pywar
 15th-Geraldine Burns
 11th-Dennis Flynn
 15th-PPC Jim Brown
 17th-Mike Vassallo
 18th-Clarence Bloom
 19th-Bob LaFrance
 21st-Chris Manley
 22nd-Gloria Scott
 23rd-Bob Adamo
 24th-Charlie Nemick
 25th-Carl Cataldo
 25th-Sue Wagner


 1st-Post's 86th Anniversary.
 3rd-Daylight Savings Time ends.
 5th-Election Day.
 10th-USMC 238th birthday (1775).
 11th-Veteran's Day.
 21st-Grenada ends, 1983.


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The History of Veteran's Day.
1918 World War I, then referred to as The Great War, ended with the implemention of an armistice, the infamous Treaty of Versailies, between the Allies and
Germany at the elenventh hour of the eleventh of day of November.

1919 November 11th, President Wilson proclaims the first Armistice Day. The original concept for the celebration was for the suspension of business for a two minute period beginning at 11A.M. with the day also marked by parades and public meetings.
1920 On the 2nd anniversary, France and the United Kingdom hold ceremonies honoring their unknown dead from the war.
1921 Congress passes legislation approving the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Arlington National Cemetery. November 11th is chosen for the date. Congress declares November 11, 1921 a Federal holiday to honor all those who participated in the war.
1938 On May 13th, Congress passes a law making November 11th a legal Federal holiday. The United States has no 'actual' national holidays because the states have the right to pick their own holidays. The Federal government can in fact only designate holidays for Federal employees and for the District of Columbia, But usually the states follow the Federal government.
1941-1945 and 1950-1953 World War II and the Korean War create millions of additional war veterans.
1954 On June 1st, President Eisenhower signs a law changing the name of the legal holiday from Armistice Day to Veteran's Day.
1968 Congress passes the Monday Holiday Law which established the fourth Monday in October as the new date for the observance of Veteran's Day. The law is to take effct in 1971.
1971-1975 The Federal observance of Veteran's Day is held on the fourth Monday of October. Initally states follow suit except Mississippi and South Dakota. Other states changed theie observance back to November 11th as follows: 1972-Louisiana and Wisconsin. 1974-Kentucky, Arkanas, Connecticut, Georgia, Maine, South Carolina, Virginia. 1975-California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Oklahoma, Oregon, South Carolins, Utah, West Virginia, Wyoming.
1975 Legislation passed to return the Federal observance of Veteran's Day to November 11th, based on popular support throughout the nation. Since the change to the fourth Monday in October, 46 states had either continued to commenorate November 11th or had reverted back to the original date based on popular sentiment. The law was to take effect in 1978.
1978 Veteran's Day observance reverts back to November 11th.




Upcoming County Events
 5/4, Bohemia Post #1146, West Point Trip; 8 AM, $100 in advance. Call Keith at 631-882-8711.
 One hand washes the other. These fundraisers support the American Legion programs. Thank you. GGM




Islip Town Residents:
  If you are a town resident 60 years or older, the following is just some of the Residential Repair Services the town provides: They will install door locks, safety rails for tubs and toilets, shades and curtain rods, screens and air conditioners. They will paint exterior doors and rooms in the house. They will clean gutters (1st floor only). Plumbing and electric skills are NOT provided. YOU are responsible for parts and supplies. There is NO charge for the labor. For more information, call 631-224-5424. GGM

Website Updates
 New this month: The Counties Events and the member's Marketplace.

Member's Marketplace
 For sale: Used Black & Decker electirc chainsaw on a pole and chainsaw sharpner, $40., Gerry GM 631-902-9595.
 For sale: Used Biscuit maker with a jar of biscuits, $25, Gerry GM 631-902-9595.




Post Dues Paid Goal % of Goal New Members
112 267





American Legion
Post 1006

November 8th, @ 1900hrs

American Legion Auxiliary
Unit 1006

November 12th, @ 1930hrs

Sons of the American Legion
Squadron 1006

November 12th, @ 1930hrs


American Legion Riders
Chapter 1006

November 20th, @ 1930 hrs

Board of Directors
Post 1006

November 8th @ 1800 hrs

Suffolk County
American Legion

November 3rd, 1800 hrs @ Post #432


Drill Team/Color Guard
Post 1006


Joseph A. Kirk
Voiture # 713

November 13th & 29th, 1930 hrs @ Post # 155

Suffolk County
American Legion Auxiliary

November 9th, 1000 hrs @ Post #411

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