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Joseph Loeffler Post #1006

198 First Street

Brentwood, NY 11717-4677


Serving the community of Brentwood for over 88 years.




............Chili Cook-off, 2/10..............Four Chaplain's Service 2/10 2 PM At LISVH..........First nomination of Post Officers this month..........



LEGION NEWS-Robert Kampel, Post Commander

 631-750-3536 or







AUXILIARY NEWS-Trish Jordan, Madam President

c1516-848-5070   ***********************************************************************************


SQUADRON NEWS-Brian Fowler, Squadron Commander





RIDERS NEWS-Bob Kampel, President





DRILL TEAM NEWS-PPC Joe Sawtelle, Captain.





      No reports.
     Post Chaplain: John Danz:
     Auxiliary Chaplain PMP Brenda Sawtelle:
     Squadron Chaplain PNSC Chris Cerullo:

Members Birthdays in February
 2nd-Keitha Daly
 4th-Oscar Casey
 7th-Ivars Rubins
 11th-John Temple
 12th-Tom Pyatt
 13th-Diane Danz
 15th-Frank Cayea
 15th-George Kelly
 16th-Roe Piorier
 19th-Tom Molloy
 19th-PMP Andi Smykowski
 20th-Freddie Rodriquez


 1st-National Freedom Day.
 ?-Four Chaplain's Service.
 4th-Super Bowl Party.
 8th-Boy Scouts Founded, 1910.
 12th-Abe Lincoln's Birthday.
 14th-Valentine's Day.
 20th-President's Day.
 22nd-George Washingtons' Birthday.







Website Updates
More photos and post websites (over 500) are being added when I have the time to look them up. The photos are added when I remember to bring my camera.(LOL) This website is the only communication we have to reach all of our members. I also put us back on Facebook. Please feel free to put us on other media sites; let the world know we still have a pulse. Any fresh ideas or suggestions, send your email address to me. I don't bite, I just LOOK like I do. Please put NEWSLETTER in the subject box so I don't just delete it. THANK YOU (




Total Post Dues Paid Goal % of Goal New Members
205 258





American Legion
Post 1006

February 9th, @ 1900hrs

American Legion Auxiliary
Unit 1006

February 13th, @ 1930hrs

Sons of the American Legion
Squadron 1006

February 13th, @ 1930hrs


American Legion Riders
Chapter 1006

February 21st, @ 1930 hrs

Board of Directors
Post 1006

February 9th @ 1800 hrs

Suffolk County
American Legion

February 2nd, 1800 hrs @ Post #269


Drill Team/Color Guard
Post 1006


Joseph A. Kirk
Voiture # 713

February 14th & 23rd, 1930 hrs @ Post # 155

Suffolk County
American Legion Auxiliary

February 10th, 1000 hrs @ Post #432

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American Legion Post #1006.

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