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Joseph Loeffler Post #1006

198 First Street

Brentwood, NY 11717-4677


Still serving in the community of Brentwood for over 93 years.




...................Four Chaplain's Service 2/10 2 PM At LISVH..........First nomination of Post Officers this month..........



LEGION NEWS-Robert Kampel, Post Commander

 631-750-3536 or







AUXILIARY NEWS-Trish Jordan, Madam President

c1516-848-5070   ***********************************************************************************


SQUADRON NEWS-Brian Fowler, Squadron Commander





RIDERS NEWS-Bob Kampel, President





DRILL TEAM NEWS-PPC Joe Sawtelle, Captain.





      No reports.
     Post Chaplain: John Danz:
     Auxiliary Chaplain PMP Brenda Sawtelle:
     Squadron Chaplain PNSC Chris Cerullo:

Members Birthdays in February
 If your birthday is not listed here, it is because you never emailed it to me!
 4th-Oscar Casey
 7th-Ivars Rubins
 11th-John Temple
 12th-Tom Pyatt
 13th-Diane Danz
 15th-Frank Cayea
 15th-George Kelly
 16th-Roe Piorier
 19th-Tom Molloy
 19th-PMP Andi Smykowski
 20th-Freddie Rodriquez


 1st-National Freedom Day.
 ?-Four Chaplain's Service.
 4th-Super Bowl Party.
 8th-Boy Scouts Founded, 1910.
 12th-Abe Lincoln's Birthday.
 14th-Valentine's Day.
 18th-President's Day.
 22nd-George Washingtons' Birthday.





Islip Town Residents:
  If you are a town resident 60 years or older, the following is just some of the Residential Repair Services the town provides: They will install door locks, safety rails for tubs and toilets, shades and curtain rods, screens and air conditioners. They will paint exterior doors and rooms in the house. They will clean gutters (1st floor only). Plumbing and electric skills are NOT provided. YOU are responsible for parts and supplies. There is NO charge for the labor. For more information, call 631-224-5424. GGM




Website Updates
This website is the only communication we have to reach all of our members. I also put us back on Facebook. Please feel free to put us on other media sites; let the world know we still have a pulse. Any fresh ideas or suggestions, send an email to me.THANK YOU (




Total Post Dues Paid Goal % of Goal New Members
180 267





American Legion
Post 1006

February 8th, @ 1900hrs

American Legion Auxiliary
Unit 1006

February 12th, @ 1930hrs

Sons of the American Legion
Squadron 1006

February 12th, @ 1930hrs


American Legion Riders
Chapter 1006

February 20th, @ 1930 hrs

Board of Directors
Post 1006

February 8th @ 1800 hrs

Suffolk County
American Legion

February 1st, 1800 hrs @ Wilson Ritch Post #432


Drill Team/Color Guard
Post 1006


Joseph A. Kirk
Voiture # 713

February 13th & 22nd, 1930 hrs @ Post # 155

Suffolk County
American Legion Auxiliary

February 9th, 1000 hrs @ Rusy-Bohm Post # 411

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American Legion Post #1006.

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