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       of Joseph Loeffler Post #1006, Brentwood, New York 11717-4677



Post Committees, 2024

*=Committee Chairperson.  L=Legion       A=Auxiliary        S=Sons



Americanism Legislation
          (L)* Steve Mendez           (L) * PPC Tom Wagner     472-6179
          (A)* Brenda Sawtelle           (A) * OPEN
          (S)           (S)
Auditing Membership
          (L)           (L)* PPC Jim Brown
          (A)           (A)* PUP Susan Wagner
          (S)           (S)*PSC Brian Fowler
Boys State National Security
          (L)* Steve Mendez 1516-429-1824           (L)
          (S)           (A)* Taralee Montebello
Children & Youth Newsletter
          (L)           (L)   Joe Belanger did it for
          (A)* PUP Trish Jordan           (A)  three years and than he
          (S)           (S)                 quit.
Community Service Parliamentarin
          (L)           (L) * PPC John Sheahan 929-2826
          (A)* Diane Danz           (A)
          (S)           (S)
Constitution & By-Laws Past President's Parley
          (L) * Sharon Hoover           (A) * OPEN
          (A) * PUP Jennifer Kampel  
Convention Chairperson Poppies
          (L) * PCC Tom Wagner           (A)* PUP Trish Jordan
          (A) * Brenda Sawtelle  
          (S) * James Connolly  
Education & Scholarships Public Relations
          (A)* MP Jenn Kampel           (L)
            (A)*PUP Susan Wagner
Emergency Fund Screening
          (L)           (L)* PPC Ernie Sawtelle
          (A) * OPEN  
Girls State Special Olympics
          (A) *PUP Roe Poirier           (A) *
Hall Rental VA & R
          (L)PPC Ernie Sawtelle    631-813-1817           (A)* Taralee Montebello
Hospital & Welfare Website
          (L) *           (L) * PPC Gerald G Mignon
           (A) OPEN  
Leadership Executive Board Chairpersons
          (L)           (L) * Commander Sharon Hoover
         (A) * OPEN           (A) * President Jenn Kampel
          (S)           (S) * PSC James Connolly
Warrior Family Assistance  
         (A) * OPEN  




Post Officers, 2023




Post Officers Name, phone, email
Post Commander Sharon Hoover     631-626-4900
1st Vice Commander PPC Jim Brown    631-277-4745
2nd Vice Commander Gary Gravesandy     631-774-2819
3rd Vice Commander PPC Ernie Sawtelle    631-793-2466
Adjutant OPEN
Finance Jim Brown    631-277-4745
Chaplain PPC Bob Kampel    631-334-2650
Sgt-at-Arms PPC Ernie Sawtelle    631-793-2466
Historian Carlos Cintron
Service Steve Mendez 1516-4291824
Judge Advocate PPC Tom Wagner    472-6179
Parlimentarian PPC John Sheahan     929-2826
Compliance PPC Gerald G Mignon    631-902-9595
Squadron Officers  
Commander PPC James Connolly     631-252-3582
1st Vice Commander PSC Brian Fowler     631-748-1401
2nd Vice Commander Joe Belanger
Adjutant PNC Chris Cerullo     1347-418-7173
Finance PSC Brian Fowler
Chaplain Jon Swinder
Sgt-at-Arms PPC James Connolly     631-252-3582
Historian PPC James Connolly     631-252-3582
Judge Advocate PSC Brian Fowler     631-748-1401
Auxiliary Officers  
President PMP Susan Rivera     631-664-0210
1st Vice President Diane Danz;    631-766-7193
2nd Vice President TaraLee Montebello     631-290-0979
Secretary PMP Brenda Sawtelle     631-793-2469
Treasurer PUP Trish Jordan     1516-848-5070
Chaplain PUP Susan Wagner  631-472-6159
Sgt-at-Arms Liz Westerlund     631-707-5464
Historian TaraLee Montebello     631-290-0979
County Committee Jenn Kampel, TaraLee Montebello, & PUP Roe Poirier
Legion Riders Officers  
President PSC Brian Fowler     631-748-1401
Vice President Marcel Jeffries     631-766-7193
Treasurer Jenn Kampel     631-472-6159
Secrectary Jenn Kampel     631-472-6159
Road Captain Mike Miller
Chaplain Cindy Cohen
Historian Cindy Cohen
Drill Team Officers  
Captain PSC James Connolly     631-252-3582
Private Brian Fowler     631-748-1401
1LT Sharon Hoover     631-626-4900
Private Aidan Killpatrick
PFC Steve Mendez 1516-4291824
CWO PPC Gerry Mignon    631-902-9595
Private Mike Potts
SSGT PSC Cisco Rivera   631-664-3609
SSGT PPC Ernie Sawtelle   631-793-2466
Private Alfie Stetler
MSGT PCC Tom Wagner   472-6179
Board of Directors  
Chairman ('24) PPC Ernie Sawtelle   631-793-2466
Board member ('23) PPC Bob Kampel    631-334-2650
Board member ('24) PPC Jim Brown   631-277-4745
Board member ('24 )PPC Gerry Mignon    631-902-9595
Board member ('23) PCC Tom Wagner  472-6179
Missc. Staff  
ABC Officer PPC Gerald G Mignon    631-902-9595
Hall Rentals PPC Ernie Sawtelle    793-2466
Webmaster PPC Gerald G Mignon





Alcoholics Anonymous


Child Abuse


Domestic Violence


Joseph P. Dwyer Veterans Peer Project


Gamblers Anonymous


Long Island Cares

631-582-FOOD (3663)

Island Harvest


Mammography Helpline


Narcotics Anonymous


Northport VA Hospital


NYS Dept. of Labor


NYS Div. of Veterans Affairs


Parents Anonymous


Pot/Pills Anonymous


Small Business Admin.


Special Issues


Status of Headstones & Markers


Suffolk Cty United Veterans

Suffolk Cty Dept. of Labor


Suffolk Cty Veterans Service Agency


TDD for the Deaf


Town of Islip

United Veterans Beacon House


VA Benefits


VA Regional Office


Women's Clinic

631-261-4400 X5773, x5779





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