The History of
Joseph Loeffler Post #1006

Joseph Loeffler: Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Loeffler moved from Brooklyn to Brentwood in 1910. They built a house on north Fifth Avenue.
            Years later, their son, Joseph J. Loeffler, was inducted into military service. He was stationed at Camp Upton in Yaphank. He was put in Company K, 310th  Regiment, 78th Division. It was known as the Lightening Division. The company was sent to Fort Dix in New Jersey; shortly after it went to Europe.
            Joseph was one of 18 Brentwood sons to fight in World War One. He was the only one from Brentwood  to die in action-in St. Mihiel, France. PVT. Loeffler died on September 22, 1918, in Thiaucourt. He was laid to rest in St. Patrick's cemetery in Bay Shore, on Brentwood Road.

The Post: After the war, 15 men, all veterans of that war  would go to the Bayshore Post
#365 on Main street to attend meetings. After awhile they wrote to National headquarters for a charter to form a post in Brentwood. The charter was granted on November 1, 1928.The first Commander was Robert Collins. Listed below are the signers of the charter:
             William A. Anderson                                    Peter Kopf
             Harry Bledsoe                                              Fredrick C. Pitts
             John Scott                                                    Otto Sulima
             Robert Collins                                              Fred Sulima
             Frank F. Gatch                                             Paul Cappelletti
             John M. Boyle                                              Ed Stahley
             Joseph Casey                                             Daniel Holmes
                                                                                   Noel S. Jenkins

They would hold their meetings in the Brentwood fire house on First Avenue between Brentwood Road and Fourth Avenue. The post building was accquired in 1947. It was a factory, Industrial Parts Co., which during WW II made covers for machine guns and ammunition belts for .30 and .50 caliber machine guns !! The business was owned by the Hose brothers, Harry and Fred. The building was bought from Harry and Michael Mueller. The first mortgage was signed by Commander Ernest Repetti and members James Foldo, Robert Whalen, Marvin Sonderling and Robert Morganweck. Mr. Morganweck has 69 years on his 2015 Legion card and resides in East Northport, New York. Mr. Sonderling has 67 years on his card and lives in Fort Myers, Forida.

The Auxiliary: The Auxiliary of the post received it's charter on May 13, 1929. Below are the signers of their charter:
             Mrs. Teresa Boyle                                       Miss Mary Kopf
             Mrs. Mary Roberts                                       Mrs. Ceelus Bledsoe
             Miss Sulima                                                  Miss Margaret Loeffler
             Mrs. Mora Anderson                                    Mrs. Grace Pitts
             Mrs. Maruerit Litzko                                     Mrs. Sabina Kostik
             Mrs. Barbara Loeffler                                  Mrs. Mary Casey
             Mrs. Mary Morganweck                               Mrs. Carlyn Mary Collins

In March of 1959, post member post member William J.A.Seymour, had a car accident in Brentwood and waited almost 2 hours for an ambulance. After healing, he got fellow legion members together and trained 25 volunteers. They then bought a 1948 hearse, converted it to an ambulance and went into service. It was called The Brentwood Legion Ambulance Service (it still is). They now have over 250 members. See

On March 12, 1959, the Sons of The American Legion received their charter. They now have over 100 members.

In 1973, at a meeting held by Commander Fred Kolb, a vote was taken to add an addition to the building. The vote passed and the work started. Brenden Buckley was the Commander when the work was completed. The dedication took place on November 2, 1974. That night, the Veteran's Day dance was held in the new hall.
                Since then, the hall has been done over numerous times: Brick face on the original building, kitchen updated, bathrooms for the physically challenged, the social area redone, the parking lot repaved, etc..

My thanks to Four-time Auxiliary President Miss Mary Kopf, Robert Whalen and the late David Hughes.

Military monuments in Brentwood.

From top to bottom.:
Ross Park
Ross Park
Ross Park
High School



Brentwood's Honored Fallen

The Civil War George Baxter
  Henry Fish
  Charles G. Miller
  Henry A. Skidmore
  Alonzo F. Thompson
World War I Joseph Loeffler
World War II Henry Anderson
  John Brown
  Edward A. DiMartino
  Leonard Gridley
  John J. Heapes
  Joseph Levia
  Wilber Longshore
  Samuel Kane
  Arthur D. Martino
  Jerome Miller
  Albert Morganweck Jr.
  Gifford Reel
  Burton Ward
The Korean War Gilbert Bashe
  William T. Halton
  Elpidio Rodriguez Jr.
  Paul O. Herman
  Robert Reed
  Philip Stahey
The Vietnam War Michael Cicciuttolo
  Peter Colicchio Jr.
  Carlos Collazo
  Nicholas Fritz
  Joseph Funk
  Jose A. Graniela
  Gary Guasp
  Daniel Hommel
  Joseph E. Johnston
  Theodore Kruk
  Edward LaBarr
  Richard Lancaster Jr.
  William McFarlane
  James McGrath
  John F. O'Shaughnessy
  Acaius E. Padro
  Alan Pagliaroni
  John Rosa
  Frank Sardina
  David Scolnick
  James Seidensticker
  Stephan G. Seymour
  Lawrence Soltan
  Jose Vasquez
  William Wells
  Robert Williamson Welsh
  Thomas Wynne
The Bombing in Beirut Lebanon Kevin Patrick Coulman
The Global War on Terror Michael Esposito
  Jacob Fletcher
  Raheen Heighter
  Ramon Mateo
  Jose Ruiz
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