Drill Team By-Laws

       of Joseph Loeffler Post #1006, Brentwood, New York 11717-4677



The name of this organization shall be "The Drill Team of the Joseph Loeffler Post #1006", and shall consist of the Color Guard and Honor Guard .



This organization shall be composed of Legion members and S.A.L. members in good standing.



To represent the Joseph Loeffler Post at all functions where a Drill Team, Color Guard and/or Honor Guard would be appropriate, and whenever the Commander or the Post body should ask to be so represented, providing the Drill Team has received ample notice.



(A) The membership shall be in accordance with Article II, ans shall be limited to Legion members and S.A.L. members. All members will be on a one year probation period.


(B) All applicants for membership must be made in person upon submissiom of application ans shall be accepted by any Officer os said Drill Team.

(C) Each new member while on probation shall be expected to attend at least two out of three meeting or functions, or he may be asked by the Captain to disqualify himself or be brought before the Executive Committee.

(D) New members must be voted into the Drill Team by the majority of members present at meeting, a final review will be made by the Executive Committee at the end of the Probationary Period for final acceptance.

(E) The Executive Committee shall be composed of the Captain, all appointed Officers and all active past Captains.

(F) All members are expected to attend all parades and functions. The following parade is compulsory: Memorial Day.




(A) The Captain shall be in charge of all meetings and functions of the Drill Team.

(B) In his absence, the Chain-of-Command during all functions other than parades and practice drills, shall be the Adjutant, Drill Sergeant, Treasurer, and Supply Officer.

(C) The Drill Sergeant shall be in charge of the Color Guard/Honor Guard practice drills. Thereafter follow above Chain-of-Command.

(D) At any time, for the best interest of the Drill Team, the Captain may ask any actice past Captain to act on his behalf at any Drill Team meeting or function.

(E) The Finance Officer shall be in charge of all funds, dues and expenses, in accordance with Article VI.

(F) The Supply Officer shall be in charge of all supplies and equipment.

(G) An Officer shall hold his post until he resigns, or a majority of the members ask for a vote to remove that officer.

(H) The Drill Team will hold its annual election at the September meeting.

(I) Each member present at such meeting shall have one vote.

(J) The Captain shall appoint his staff of Officers, who will be accepted by ratification of a mojority of members. Staff Officers shall consist of: Adjutant, Drill Sergeant, Treasurer, Supply Officer and any other Special Officer(s).



No money shall be withdrawn from the treasury without the consent of the Captain, Adjutant or Supply Office, unless the amount is less than fifty dollars. The books of the treasury shall be examined once a year by two members selected by the Captain; the Adjutant will make a full report to the Drill Team at the next meeting. The dues of the Drill Team shall be $20.00 per year.



The Captain shall appoint such special officers as necessary to conduct activities within the Drill Team.



Should the Drill Team disband, all funds and supplies will turned over to the Joseph Loeffler Post #1006, Brentwood, New York 11717-4677.



As of April 5, 1967, a motion was made and carried that to be eligible to become a member of the Drill Team, said member must be twenty-one (21) years or older.



(G) Dues for the Drill Team shall be Paid-in-Full by March of the year for which they are due.


(H) When any member leaves the Drill Team, the member will return ALL property of said Drill Team promptly.

This is the third revision     Signed on February 1, 2001

Ernest A Sawtelle, Captain

F.T Rivera, Adjutant

Thomas Wagner, Drill Sergeant

Gerald G. Mignon, Treasurer


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