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Joseph Loeffler Post #1006

198 First Street

Brentwood, NY 11717-4677


Still serving in the community of Brentwood for over 95 years.




....... Post meeting is changed to 9/15....... Post Picnic on 10/9, signup, pay($12 p.p.) and bring a dish, see flyer below........All units have meetings this month.......BOD Nominations...............Social area hours back to 2:00 opening....


VOL. 50    No. 9

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     Post Chaplain PPC Bob Kampel:
     Auxiliary Chaplain PMP Brenda Sawtelle:
     Squadron Chaplain PNSC Chris Cerullo:

Members Birthdays in September
 9th-Cliff Greenwood
 10th-Rocco Berlingieri
 14th-Chris Dunn
 25th-PCC Tom Wagner
 27th-Phillip R. Skowfoe
 29th-Cindy Fleming
 30th-Pat Reid


 4th-Labor Day.
 2nd-V-J Day, 1945.
 2nd-Labor Day.
 11th-Patriot's Day.
 13th-Department Commander's visit.
 17th-Post Picnic.
 18th-US Air Force 67th birthday (1947).
 15th-POW/MIA Recognition Day.
 22nd-Autumn starts.
 26th-Gold Star Mother's Day.



What We Do For God and Country

What we do for God and country

defines who we are as a people, as a nation,
When we're viewed from afar.

Are we welcoming to others?

Do we lend a helping hand?

Do we honor our forefathers who
pioneered this land?

Are we still a united nation from sea to shining sea?

Is the American dream all than it should be?

We are freedom-loving people,
The envy of the world;

We have long been respected
Where our flag has been unfurled.

God has blessed us beyond measure
In so many ways,

And as long as we are faithful,

He'll forever bless our days.

Let us put aside our differences,

Embrace the common good,

And let freedom reign forever

In every neighorhood!

-Clay Harrison




American Legion
Post 1006

September 13th, @ 1900hrs

American Legion Auxiliary
Unit 1006

September 10th, @ 1900hrs

Sons of the American Legion
Squadron 1006

September 10th, @ 1930hrs


American Legion Riders
Chapter 1006

September 18th, @ 1000 hrs

Board of Directors
Post 1006

September 13th @ 1800 hrs

Suffolk County
American Legion

September 6th, 1800 hrs @ Post #94


Drill Team/Color Guard
Post 1006


Joseph A. Kirk
Voiture # 713

September 11th, 1900 hrs via Zoom

Suffolk County
American Legion Auxiliary

September 14th, 1000 hrs @ Post #411


Buy and sell at your own risk. Know who you are dealing with, and beware of scammers.





Legion Riders Challange Coin

AL Riders


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SAL Challenge Coin



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SAL Shirts



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Post caps

Assorted colors


One size fits most. See Jim Brown.

Assorted Bumper Stickers

Services, Legion, etc..

$1.00 each

See bartender.

Post License Plates

Put them on your car, or swap 'em.


See bartender.

Kent Gir's Bicycle

26" wheels, 7-speed, pink. NEW, in box.


See Tara or Gerry. Pick-up in West Babylon.


Post phone number: 435-9636.


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