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This Page is dedicated to our Virtual Platoon Members who have kept their membership active in Post #1006 as they moved on to other parts of the country. Your loyalty is much appreciated. May God Bless and keep you, as you are in our thoughts and prayers.

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California SAL member Paul Baldwin in Fairfield
Connecticut Legionnaire William Shepperd, in Enfield
Florida Legionnaire Clarence Bloom, in Boca Raton
  Legionnaire Vinny Sica, in Delray Beach
  Legionnaire Bob H Waters, in Leesburg
  PUFL Legionnaire Bill  Kloepfer, in Mattacha
  Legionnaire Freddie Rodriguez, in Palm Coast
  SAL member Gary Northrop, in Port Charlotte
  Auxiliary member Laraine Scarlato, in Port St Lucie
  Legionnaire Ivars Rubins, in St Petersburg
  PUFL Legionnaire John B Schmieder, in St Petersburg
  PSAA Stan and PMP Andrea Smykowski, in Sebastian
  SAL member Ed Sawtelle, in Spring Hill
  SAL member Carl Svetina, in Spring Hill
Georgia Legionnaire Larry Heaney, in Woodstock
Minnesota Legionnaire Albert R. Martin, in Hermanstown
New Hampshire Legionnaire Harry A Williams, in Hudson
New Jersey Legionnaire George Buenventura, in Middletown
North Carolina Legionnaire Roland Jimenez, in Leland
Ohio Legionnaire Ricardo Santiago, in Cleveland
Tennesee Legionnaire James Smith, in Clarksville
Upstate New York Legionnaire Phillip R. Skoefoe, in Fultonville
  Legionnaire Walter P. Wouk, in Summit
Virginia SAL member Ed F Burke, in Daleville
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