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Member's Training

       of Joseph Loeffler Post #1006, Brentwood, New York 11717-4677

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Members' Basic Training

The National American Legion values the education of its member post, districts, and departments. Organizations only survive as long as the members understand the workings of all levels of the institution and feel a dedication to its missions. Therefore the legion has provided all materials needed for training of our members. This starts with Basic Training.

The American Legion's official training program for officers, members, Legion College applicants and those who simply want to expand their knowledge of the nation's largest veterans service organization is now available online, here. https://www.legion.org/alei/basic-trainingThe American Legion Extension Institute has been rewritten, updated, streamlined and enhanced with videos, digital photos, clickable links, a historical timeline and additional features. The program should take less than two hours to complete. It is divided into six sections, with a quiz at the end of each one, followed by a final exam.

Our post does not have a Training Officer whose job it is to diseminate information to the membership. As so many meetings have had to be cancelled due to the coronavirus, educational material will be posted here - in bite-sized pieces. If you have questions about the organization, or suggestions for training, you can email them here: post1006@juno.com 

  1. American Legion Mission Statement
  2. History of the American Legion
  3. Polical Policies and Use of Legion Emblems
  4. Pillar 1: Veterans Affairs and Rehabilitation
  5. Pillar 2: National Security
  6. Pillar 3: Americanism
  7. Pillar 4: Children and Youth
  8. Basic Training Introduction
  9. What To Do Before - and After - a Veteran Dies
  10. Basic Training Part 1 History
  11. Basic Training Part 2 History
  12. How to sign into meeting


The American Legion Emblem

The American Legion Emblem is deep in meaning that at first glance is not revealed. It is layed upon the rays of the sun, which is the giver of life, warmth and Courage; It is the foe of the cold , of darkness and of fear and apprehension.

Each of the remaining parts of the Emblem signifies a meaning which no American Legionnaire who wears the Emblem should take lightly, and which he or she should know from the first moment the Emblem is put on.

Here in pictures, are the meanings of all the symbols of the American Legion Emblem are presented:

The Rays of the Sun

The rays of the sun form the background of our proud emblem, and suggest that the Legion's principles will dispel the darkness of violence and evil.

The Wreath

The wreath forms the center, in loving memory of those brave comrades who gave their lives in the service of the United States, that liberty might endure.

The Star

The star, victory symbol of World War II, signalizes as well: honor, glory, and constancy. Because the stars are fixed in the heavens. As the stars do not wander, so should The American Legion not wander from its fixed purposes. The letters U.S. leave no doubt as to the brightest star is the Legion star.

Two Large Rings

The outer ring stands for the rehabilitation of our sick and disabled buddies. The inner ring denotes the welfare of America's children.

Two Small Rings

Two small rings set upon the start. The outer ring pledges loyalty and Americanism. The inner ring is for service to our communities, our states and the Nation.


The words "AMERICAN LEGION" demand that the wearer shall ever guard the sanctity of home and country and free institutions...

This is your badge of pride and distinction of honor and service.



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